Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Its Benefits and Hazards for Dogs

Since your family doctor has advised you to eat broccoli, you eat broccoli every day, the healthiest vegetable of all by many experts, to get rid of your fatty liver. It is great food for human, but, Can dogs eat broccoli? Can dogs eat broccoli in order to get the benefits of broccoli in the same way as do the humans? You must have knowledge about the food of your pooch.


Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

To answer the question can dogs eat broccoli is, yes. Yes, dogs can eat broccoli without any fear and concern. Dogs can eat broccoli in a raw as well as cooked form. Broccoli can serve as a great snack for your dog. But dogs do not have the kind of digestion as do the humans_ though pooches are considered omnivores because they eat both vegetables and meat as human beings. You must keep in mind that your canine can eat broccoli but in a limited amount. A large amount of broccoli can cause digestive issues in your pet.

Broccoli: A Healthy Vegetable for Human Beings as well as for your Pet:

This vegetable is high in vitamin C. It is low in fat. It is also high in fiber. It has a good amount of potassium, calcium, iron, and other useful nutrients. It contains sulfur. It also contains vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B1, vitamin A, zinc, niacin, selenium and copper.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

How to Serve Broccoli to your Dog in a Proper way?

You should always feed your pooch with steamed broccoli since raw broccoli is very bad for the digestive tract of your canine. Your dogs can eat broccoli and so do your puppies. But puppies must be given broccoli in a very limited amount like a stalk in a week since their stomachs are much more sensitive as compare to adult dogs. You should not serve your dog with broccoli at once.

You should not serve your dog with the leaves of the broccoli. Your dogs can eat broccoli, but with a gradual increase in his/her daily intake. You should give your dog broccoli in cooked form and without any sugar, salt, and other harmful dietary ingredients. Always consult your veterinarian before exposing your dog to broccoli or other new food.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli – Different Veterinarians’ opinions:

Dr. Judy Morgan, a renowned veterinarian, and an author, says that your dogs can eat broccoli and you can give it to your canine as a reward for his/her good behavior. You can serve broccoli to your pet between his meals as a snack. According to her, it is much better food for your dog since it does not contain any harmful ingredients like sugar, dyes and flavored seasonings. Thus she indirectly points out to give the broccoli or any other vegetable in a natural form without any artificial and dietary seasonings and flavors.

Dr. Jerry Klein says that broccoli should be served in a limited amount. It, according to him, contains isothiocyanates in its florets which can lead your pooch to mild or potential severe digestive irritation. He furthers states that 10 percent broccoli daily intake of your canine’s total food would not be harmful to your dog. You should not expose your pet to more than 25 percent of broccoli of his daily food. He says dogs can eat broccoli, but it does not mean that amount and time of giving broccoli be disregarded. 10 percent should be given according to your dog’s size and your pooch’s digestive nature.

Dr. Kelly Ryan says that your dogs can eat broccoli and it can be a great source of fiber for your pooch.  Broccoli _ because of the presence is sulfur, is good to fight cancer disease in your dog and prevent your canine from cancer.

Morgan says that your dog will not feel frustrate for vitamins, potassium, and other beneficial nutrients when it comes to the question can dogs eat broccoli and the answer, of course, is yes.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Stem?

The stalk or stem of broccoli contains a high amount of fiber. Dogs, unfortunately, have not the kind of digestive system human being possess. This is why dogs cannot absorb the dense fiber from the stem. This cause stomach upset, digestive issues and other gastrointestinal problem in your dog. These problems could become severe if your dog devours a large amount of broccoli in raw form and having its stalk.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli and Cauliflower together?

Dogs can eat broccoli and cauliflower. Both of the vegetables contain good nutrients for your pooch. If you give them together, they will exceed the 10 percent amount of dog’s daily intake prescribed by renowned veterinarians. If you want to serve your dog with any of these vegetables, you must give your dog any of these without any seasoning and toppings. You should not serve cauliflower to your dog in raw form because it will lead to bloating and gas in your dog’s digestive system. Steam cauliflower will make your canine happy. But keep in mind you must not steam the cauliflower along onions or garlic. Also, you must not serve your dog with frozen, canned or jarred cauliflower because it contains a high amount of salt which is a dangerous substance for the health of your dog’s heart and blood pressure.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli and Carrots together?

Yes, dogs can eat broccoli and carrots. Both of these vegetables are very good and a source of healthy nutrients. But serving them together_ though may not produce severe problems, will cause digestive issues in your dogs if serve them on a regular basis. Carrots are also loaded with natural sugar, which is not as harmful as dietary sugar, but this natural sugar can lead to obesity in your fido if you serve it to your dog on a regular basis. Also, carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables should be given without any added sugar, salt, and seasonings.

Can Dogs eat Broccoli Sprouts?

Your dogs can eat broccoli sprouts but only boiled. Raw broccoli sprouts are very harmful for the digestive system. They are also said to be contaminated with bacteria which can havoc your canine stomach easily. You must take great care. Instead of broccoli sprouts, you can feed your dog with cooked and steamed broccoli. Your dogs can eat broccoli happily and will for sure fancy eating steamed broccoli.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli and Cheese?

Your dogs can eat broccoli and cheese. Broccoli as a vegetable and natural food is more healthy as compared to cheese_ a dietary food. On rare occasions, you can serve your dog broccoli with cheese. The cheese should be in a very limited amount. Since cheese contains lactose to which most dogs are sensitive, you should always contact your veterinarian before serving your fido with broccoli and cheese.

Long term intake of cheese can lead to obesity, hypertension, and high blood sugar since cheese contains added sugar, salt, and other toppings. You must take great care when it comes to serving cheese to your dog along broccoli that the cheese should not contain any onion and garlic. Also, the cheese should be devoid of excess cream since it can cause diarrhea in your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli Cheddar Soup?

This soup contains onions, unsalted butter, flour, cheddar cheese, and whole milk. The onion can lead your dog to severe hazards. The butter, flour, cheddar cheese, and whole milk are also very harmful if given on a long term basis to dogs. They can cause diarrhea, obesity, and ultimately will lead to heart and serious digestive problems. Instead of this soup, you should give your dog natural and steamed broccoli. Your dogs can eat broccoli and will find it appeasable.

Benefits of Eating Broccoli for Your Dog:

Broccoli_ though a very beneficial vegetable, cannot be regarded as the substitute of your dog’s normal and usual and normal daily food which contains everything a dog needs to grow stronger and healthier. Your dog can eat broccoli, but taking in view the proper amount and time as 10 percent of your pooch’s daily intake. But the truth is a truth, broccoli has, hands down, many benefits for your canine if your dog eats broccoli as a snack.

  1. It improves the behavior of your pet as time advances.
  2. Vitamin A in broccoli is really good for the vision of your pooch.
  3. Vitamin B is very helpful to augment the capacity of your dog’s nervous system.
  4. The problem of bleeding gums will be deterred if your dog eats broccoli since broccoli contains vitamin C.
  5. Fiber is good for the good digestive bacteria, found in the stomach and intestines, and their growth.
  6. Broccoli is a great food to improve the immune system of your pet.
  7. Calcium and phosphorous in this vegetable are great nutrients to strengthen the bones of your canine.
  8. Zinc in broccoli helps your pooch’s body to enhance the wound healing power.
  9. It is an inexpensive food and works as a light snack if given in limited amounts like 10 percent of your dog’s daily intake.
  10. It will not cause your dog to gain weight since broccoli is very low in calories and fats.
  11. Because of its oral enhancing properties, your dog’s teeth are going to be stronger. Cavities will not find a room since broccoli does not contain any dietary sugar.
  12. It contains anti-oxidants which are good to fight chronic diseases and stop the fast aging process in your canines.
  13. Your dogs can eat broccoli to fight cancer because of the presence of sulfur containing compounds. Cancer related to pancreas _ gastrointestinal tract, melanoma and prostate come into this category.

Hazards of Eating Broccoli for your dog:

Broccoli is not the substitute of meat and other normal and usual food of your dog. Your dogs can eat broccoli, but in rare amount and as a snack. Care must be taken into account when you serve your dog broccoli.

  1. Isothiocyanates are found in florets of broccoli. It is a harmful compound which is sulfur based. It is also found in dark green Kale and Cabbage. It is best for humans to avoid tumors and protection from cancer. If your dog takes more than 10 percent of broccoli_ like up to 25 percent of his daily intake, he is going to experience digestive issues and gastrointestinal upset. It is not only about gastrointestinal issues, this much intake can lead your pooch to death.
  2. Dogs can eat broccoli but in cooked form. Raw broccoli can cause issues in your canine’s body. Your dog does not have the same digestive system as you have. To break the fibrous content in raw broccoli is much harder for your pooch’s stomach. So you better give your dog broccoli in cooked form.
  3. Your dogs can eat broccoli, but you must cut it in small pieces since some dogs have their neck very narrow and tight. Big chunks of broccoli can cause throat problems like chocking which could turn out to be a dangerous situation for your pooch.
  4. The overdose of broccoli can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyper action, lethargy, pale gums, disorientation, collapsing, seizure, coma and in the worst cases death.
  5. Gas and bloating will take place in your dog’s body if your canine is served with broccoli in more amount than 10 percent of his daily intake.
  6. Broccoli also has been regarded as a food to reduce the proper function of thyroid in dogs. Your dogs can eat broccoli, but too much broccoli in your dog can lead you Fido to the abnormal function of the thyroid and hormone production. This will ultimately end your dog in excess weight and other severe problems you do not want your dog to face.
  7. Commercially grown broccoli must be avoided at all cost. It has a large amount of pesticides which are very toxic to your dog.

Foods your Dogs can eat besides Broccoli:





Foods your Dogs cannot eat besides Broccoli:




Grapes and raisins


Broccoli Biscuits Recipe for Dogs:

Your dogs can eat broccoli, but you can also prepare broccoli biscuits for your pooch. Its preparation time is 20 minutes and you can cook them in 15 minutes. From 4 to 5 dozen, you will need the following ingredients.


½ cup of Milk

2 ½ cup of Whole Wheat Flour

Shot Glass

½ cup of Butter (Softened)

1 cup of Shredded Cheese (Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozzarella)

A 14-ounce bag of frozen Broccoli Florets (thawed/pureed)

Preparation and cooking method:

Heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it at this temperature. Line your oven with a baking sheet and paper. Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly. Stir them. Prepare the dough. You must use the shot glass to carve the dog treat cookies. Place the small balls on baking paper and leave them for 15 minutes to bake properly. Store them after cooling them down. You must keep in mind that you can serve them on rare occasions since these biscuits contain milk, butter, and cheese. Overdosing your dog with these biscuits time and again can cause problems.

Can Dogs Eat Broccoli – Conclusion:

Your dogs can eat broccoli, but in limited amounts _ 10 percent of your canine’s daily intake, small size and after steaming them_ not over boiling. Your dog must not eat raw broccoli and its stem since the presence of too much fiber in the stem of broccoli will cause digestive issues in your pooch’s body.  You must always serve your dogs with natural broccoli. Broccoli with sugar, salt, and other dietary seasonings and toppings will fade away the benefits of this food. You must always consult your veterinarian before giving your dog broccoli or other vegetables. Vegetables like broccoli are no substitute of meat and usual food for your dog. You must give it to your pooch on rare occasions such as birthdays or to improve his behavior.





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